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PowerSwitch Tail 120 Kit for 110-120vac mains

(PN PSTK-120)

In Stock!


$18.99 each   



PowerSwitch Tail 240 Kit for 200-240vac mains

(PN PSTK-240)

Discontinued, please order PSTK-240NC.



A customizable PowerSwitch Tail for global applications.





  • Two versions*: PSTK-120 for 100-120vac devices and PSTK-240 for 200-240vac devices. Both provide single pole switching at 20 amps and 5300vrms isolation.
  • User provides power cords to match country of use. Cords solder directly to PCB pads or connect with optional euro style terminal blocks.
  • Wide control voltage range and low current requirements. Kit includes resistors to optimize the control voltage from 3 to 24vdc at 3-5 ma.
  • Connects directly to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone or other 3.3 or 5 volt MCU without the need for driver transistor or buffer circuit and draws as little as 3ma @ 3vdc. Suitable for use with battery operated controllers.
  • Two wire signal connection. Does not require a separate dc power supply other than the control signal.
  • No exposed ac wiring when used with included case.
  • LED status indicator shows when control signal is present.


Kits include PCB, case, selected resistor values for control signal optimization and all components shown in above left picture. Power cords are not included. Soldering is required for assembly. See Rev 6A instructions.

Before ordering, please make sure you have or have access to the skills necessary to assemble and use this product. Always close the case and secure the top with the included screws before applying electrical power.
PN PSTK-120 PowerSwitch Tail 120 Kit for 100-120vac switching; no power cords: $18.99 ea.
PSTK-240NC (can be wired for normally closed or normally open operation).

Euro Style Terminal Blocks, 3 terminal: $2.00 per set of 2.

Now shipping to global locations by USPS Priority Mail International. Up to three units ship in a single Small Flat Rate USPS shipping box. Please write us if your country is not listed on check out.
*Conversion from one model to the other is not possible without replacing key components.

Our liability is limited to the purchase price of this product only. By using this product you agree that, LLC can not be held liable for any damages or injuries resulting from use, misuse, or repair. This product is for indoor use only.